• A respectful, safe and loving home for children to thrive in!
    We holistically care for children who need access to support including protection, shelter, education, and health.


Tutors to help with children's homework

Doctors specialized in caring for children with trauma background

Content writers and designers for social media, newsletters and annual report

How can you bring change?

Start using asset based language when you talk about people around you that are denied access to essential support systems.

Learn together! - Listen to an adult adoptee's story


Annual and term school fees for children.

Our children who are learning music are in need of guitars, keyboards and violins.

2 laptops and 2 mobile phones that can be shared between 5 staffs for office use.

The vision of Jeevaratchanai is to create a
    respectful, safe and loving    
environment for children to thrive in.

Supporting Dreams: We raise resources and provide access to a stable and safe space including education and health to support children who do not have parents or whose single parents are striving to overcome difficult environments to care for them.

Providing Hope: We collaborate responsibly and develop strategies that maximize benefits and reduce harm in the work we do.

Bringing Change: We create awareness and present educational resources to engage our supporters and communities to bring change in the narratives of our children.

Our Projects

At Jeevaratchanai, we are making a commitment to the community we serve.